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A short story about us


Living in South Africa has it’s challenges.  Especially in the Alternative scene.  Often we can’t easily find what we want to buy locally.

This frustrated me a lot, so I went in search of suppliers overseas and also looked locally.  I’ve found some local creators who are starting to help me create products to share with you.

The goal here is to bring you products that you love, so that you can easily get what you want.  If you’re a creator and want a greater market for your product or art, get in touch.

​what we love!




Custom Designs

We’d Love to Design Your Next Goth or Steampunk Outfit! Send us images of your dream outfit and let us make it!


Call us : 082 765 8240

Music We Absolutely Love

We Are looking for partners

If you’ve got artistic talent, have some projects you’ve already completed and have a portfolio to show us with live examples of your work placed online or elsewhere, we want to hear from you.  We are looking for Art, Metal Music, Jewelry, 3D Models, Corset Designers, Alternative Fashion, Bracelets, Buckles, Belts, Patches, Steampunk Accessories, etc.  If you don’t do it, but know someone who does, then refer us and get a bit of commission for your efforts.

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