About Us

Hi There!  I’m Alistair (to the left there).  I work with designers to create custom Gothic, Steampunk and Victorian Era outfits for Men & Women.  The accessories too….

Decent Alternative Clothing is Difficult to Find in SA

I know how tough it is to find decent alternative fashion here in SA.

I’ve tried finding some decent clothing for my wife and I, but the stuff here stinks.

I’ve partnered with a  designer and we’ve done some outfits for people who’ve loved them.

If you have 2-3 photos of a design you like, no matter where it’s from, let us know.

Send us you “idea” and we’ll make it for you.

Gothic Corsets

We create Gothic Corsets, with or without clip on frill skirts, cover over dresses, etc

Steampunk Outfits

Want a steampunk outfit, but don't see what you want? You're not alone, we really struggle to find any

Gothic Boots

We'll be sharing Gothic Boots that we find from various suppliers on the internet

Steampunk Accessories

There are a lot of extra bits that make the whole steampunk the unique outfit that it is

Message Us To Get Custom Designs!

Some Ideas To Ponder

Untitled design
steampunk style cap

We'll also be looking all over the web to bring you the following:

Like we’ve already said, if you have an idea, grab 2-3 photos and send them to us.

If we can make an outfit for you, we’ll reach out and tell you what the next steps will be. 

We use direct transfers to Standard Bank.

We never use your details for anything at all.

We never see your details actually, so all the payments you make will be between your bank and Standard Bank.

Wherever we find deals, sales, coupons, discounts or anything else that will help you save money, we’ll post it here.

Worldwide Shipping

We can ship worldwide and most of our suppliers do so, so you can shop with confidence

Quality Workmanship

Our seamstress and designers have been at this for over 20 years, so they know what they're doing

Offers & Discounts

Like we said, at every opportunity we find for you to save money, we'll share it here

Secure Payments

We don't touch or see any of your bank details, so you can rest assured you're safe

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