AVERSIONS CROWN – second album trailer!

Nuclear Blast – News Australian metal destroyers AVERSIONS CROWN will release their fourth studio album, “Hell Will Come For Us All” on June 12th via Nuclear Blast. Today, the band discuss working with Eliran Kantor on the album artwork.

Vocalist Tyler Miller comments “What we have done as a band is we’ve taken four songs from the album and we created a four part story that is all about that main figure on the artwork.”

Watch the trailer here: https://youtu.be/KG6km8X-pZI

More from “Hell Will Come For Us All”:
#1 album trailer: https://youtu.be/KG6km8X-pZI
‘Born In The Gutter’ OFFICIAL CLIP: https://youtu.be/yrI2ngC7SiQ
‘The Soil’ OFFICIAL CLIP: https://youtu.be/QiwIFm3V9A8

“Hell Will Come For Us All” is available on CD Jewelcase.

Pre-order your copy of “Hell Will Come For Us All” here: https://ift.tt/38ME4Q8

Pre-save the album on Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer: https://ift.tt/2wQalZF
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