BURNING WITCHES – have entered the charts!

Nuclear Blast – News Last week the highly anticipated new BURNING WITCHES album „Dance With The Devil“ finally saw the light of day and entered the charts in several European countries. In Switzerland the girls can celebrate their highest chart entry so far – they entered the Top 20 at #14. Also in the UK the Witches entered the top 20 Indie charts at #18 and at #5 in the official Rock charts! In Germany the album ended up at #22 in the official media control charts.

„We wanna thank every single one of you and are seriously overwhelmed by all the fantastic reactions and all the high chart entries!“ the witches say. „You are the best, thanks for believing in us, blessings to those who were there from the beginning and hello to all the new WITCHES lunatics – you ALL rule! 😃 Hopefully see you soon on tour when all these actual problems are solved. Stay safe at home and listen to METAL!!!“ Congratulations, girls!

Get »Dance With The Devil« here : https://ift.tt/37NrP5U
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