Case Study: Cecelia Smith

I was contacted by the mother of a Matriculating girl.  The function was coming up in a few weeks and I was to help them create an outfit for the daughter. I got them to find some pictures of the outfit they had in mind and they sent them over.

I discussed the design with our seamstress and had the go ahead from her.

I informed the customer, we talked a bit more about what exactly they wanted.  What colors, what style etc.

Once I had ALL the details, I set about getting a quote together for the outfit.

We had a bit of trouble finding the exact same material as the outfits in the pictures we were given.  We communicated this to the customer and showed them images of the alternative we had in mind.

Everyone was happy with the raw materials and then we had to settle on colors.  They wanted a rich, deep blue color.  I sent them a color chart and told them to pick one color and tell me their choice. 

In the meantime, they also received a sizing chart from us to complete.  We required a 50% deposit to buy the material and start work. 

Once the deposit was confirmed, we started the work.

It took us 2 weeks to complete the outfit with the existing workload.

Delivery to their door took place and we received some pictures of the daughter in the outfit at the event.

One Happy Customer!

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