Case Study: Nikki Bolleurs

This customer contacted us because she was having a hand tying ceremony and wanted something special for the event. 

She had been looking all over and couldn’t find what she was looking for locally.

I asked her to give me some ideas by sending me pictures of the outfit she had in mind.

She said she liked the one corset and then another dress.  We had to create an outfit that had the same corset on top, coupled with the style skirt she liked on the bottom.

We made it a clippable skirt so it could be detached after the ceremony.

We spent a few days discussing the design, the colors and materials she preferred.  We sent here a sizing chart to complete. 

We required a 50% deposit for the material purchase and for the work to begin.

After 2 weeks, we delivered the outfit to her door, with plenty of time to go before the event.

We received a few photos from her to show us.

Another happy customer.

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