DANK SLAMS: Do Androids Dream Of Brutal Slam? (Exclusive Stream Of New 7 H. TARGET 2-Track Promo)

DANK SLAMS: Do Androids Dream Of Brutal Slam? (Exclusive Stream Of New 7 H. TARGET 2-Track Promo)


Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep/Brutal Slam?

Yep. Rick Dekard and his dystopian Los Angeles is once again almost upon us. For those with any sense of good taste, you will know I’m referring to the forthcoming BLADE RUNNER 2049 (the sequel to ’82’s BLADE RUNNER).

Now, what does Blade Runner have to do with this latest installment of your favorite stanky-assed Metal Injection column? Well, today’s slammin subject shares a thing or two with Philp K. Dick and Ridley Scott’s vision of the future.

Hailing from Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, brutal death metallers 7 H. TARGET represent all the ugly visions of technology that WILL eventually take the world over from human beings, utilizing the most bizarre, and fucked-up ways imaginable. These themes have been explored by the band dating all the way back to their 2010 debut EP, Japan Body Hammer – right through to 2014’s incredible slab of slam, 0.00 Apocalypse.

The guys are back with a brand new chapter of sci-fi slam, and we have the very first listen! (once again made possible by our friends over at Slam Worldwide). This latest 2-track promo features the songs “Switch-Genderism” and “Human Memory Bit-Crush”. If slam was a more acceptable genre of music, this could easily be the soundtrack to Blade Runner 2049.

The cover art, created by by MFA XII, immediately sets the tone for the decomposition of human form and the degradation of human nature. As an entire package, the promotional disc continues with themes of human transformation and technological anti-utopia. More than ever before, the band delves into experimental fields, with the two songs on display mixing industrial and electro elements into their massive slam-resounding brutal death metal. Once again, Matteo Bazzanella (Indecent Excision) contributes guest vocals.  Additionally, this is also the first release that introduces brand new drummer, Vladislav Vorozhtsov.

Check it out below, and then head here to support the band by purchasing your very own copy!


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