Jonathan Davis Says TAYLOR SWIFT Told Him She’s A Huge KORN Fan

Jonathan Davis Says TAYLOR SWIFT Told Him She’s A Huge KORN Fan

Total Request Live, or TRL, aired on MTV from 1998 to 2008. The show is poised to make a comeback on October 2, and Billboard has gotten in touch with numerous people involved in the show about its entire history.

Korn frontman Jonathan Davis was a part of Billboard’s oral history, and says that at the finale of TRL in 2008, Taylor Swift came up to him and revealed that she was a huge Korn fan.

[The TRL finale] was like a big old high school reunion. There was a ­yearbook we signed. Taylor Swift actually handed me my yearbook and said, “I’m a huge Korn fan!”

At the time, Swift was just about to release her second album, meaning she wasn’t the huge mega popstar we know her as today. As for Korn, they’ve been around for way longer and were “of status” at that point.

Now we just need to wait for Taylor Swift to guest on a Korn album… or Jonathan Davis to guest on Taylor Swift’s stuff, which might be more interesting. Coincidentally, Taylor was linked to another nu-metal band earlier this week, when a mash up of her new single was mashed up with Limp Bizkit.


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