Metal Band Merch

Metal Band Merchandise

Going to metal concerts gets my wife and I energized and excited.  The atmosphere is always electric and being among like-minded metalheads is awesome.

The music itself is normally just one aspect of the event.  There’s a whole lot of stuff going on at once:

  • Multiple stages where different bands are playing
  • Merchandisers selling t-shirts, mugs, belts, and music
  • Food Stalls
  • Other fundraisers pushing their agenda
  • Beer!

Moving around the podiums, stages and around other concert goers is an art of its own and getting into the line at the bar normally is a pain, but it adds to the event memories.  It gives you a chance to chat with those around you, or to soak in what’s actually happening around you.

The lower ranked bands who are there to play and promote their brand are the ones normally playing through the day leading up to the main bands that everyone actually wants to see.

When the lead bands start their warm up, you can feel the buzz of excitement in the air.

The floor close to the stage fills up quick and everyone jostles for a good vantage point.  As the music gets going, the atmosphere really livens up and everyone gets into the vibe of the band.

Once the main act is over, we quietly head home.

Sometimes, we actually really enjoy some of the performances and want something to remind us of the event.  That’s why bands have merchandise for sale.  Not just that, but buying band merchandise is a way for people to finance the bands they like and they show their support when they wear the merchandise.

I have a cupboard half full of different band t-shirts that I often wear.  Some people like to buy new t-shirts before they go to events, to show their support when they’re there.  Either way, we want to help you find metal band merchandise.

What you’ll find here, with us being in South Africa at the moment, is that we list t-shirts and other clothing from international brands.  We’re affiliate marketers, so we may earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you).

If you’re a local stockist, trying to get more market exposure, get in touch, we have a decent amount of traffic to help you get the word out about your brand.

We’re looking for Local suppliers of Band T-shirts, Jackets, Patches, Flags, Bags etc.

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