ORANSSI PAZUZU – broadcast “Mestarin kynsi”!

Nuclear Blast – News Tomorrow, Finland’s black metal anti-traditionalist ORANSSI PAZUZU perform their new album “Mestarin kynsi” as a livestream on their youtube channel.

The band states, “We will be performing our new album “Mestarin kynsi” as a livestream. The concert is free. However, if you wish to make a donation to help out the band and the crew, you are most welcome to do so. The concert will be streamed from Rytmikorjaamo, Sein√§joki, Finland and is made possible by Rytmikorjaamo, AMS Oy Ltd & ISLE Art Industries.”

Watch the concert here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC93Nnu8LP94kTGj3ltMsa3Q

The album was originally meant to be performed in full at Roadburn Festival 2020, because of the recent Covid-19 crisis the band decided to bring the performance to you in your homes. Check out the Facebook event for more information: https://ift.tt/2LuClWO

Order Mestarin kynsi in various formats here: https://ift.tt/2S6JcKc

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