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Custom Steampunk
& Gothic Outfits

We love Steampunk, Gothic and Victorian Era Fashion.  We will custom design any outfit for you, together with any accessories you need for the outfit to complete the look.  All we need to get started, is for you to send us 2 to 5 images of your design idea, we’ll make a sketch and give you a quote.  All projects take up to 2 weeks to complete and ship to your door with local couriers.

About us

As we said earlier, we love Steampunk, Gothic and Victorian Era fashion.  We’re here to help you get this kind of clothing made locally.  I know the fashion in the malls and shops isn’t always to our liking, so what better way to get what you want – get it made, specifically for your size and shape, right now.

gothic fashion and accessories

The process is simple, send us design ideas.  Tell us what you want.  We’ll create a sketch and Quote you.  Accept or decline the Quote.  Pay 50% Deposit on acceptance.  After 2 weeks, pay the Balance and get your order delivered to your door.

To get a design made, you start off by scouring the web and finding images of the outfit you like. 

If you can’t find the ideal outfit, then look for outfits on which you like different things, for instance you may like the skirt of an outfit, but not the top, on another outfit you like the jacket only, then on another outfit you only like the top.

Send us all of these images and tell us what you want your ideal outfit to look like.  We’ll put together a sketch, or at least tell you that it’s possible or not.  We’ll also send you a quote so that you can see how much it will cost.

It will take up to 2 weeks for us to complete and deliver your order.  But, no order will be delivered without the full payment being made.  50% on quote acceptance and the balance before delivery – no exceptions.

let's get that outfit made

If you’ve found the dream outfit you want in different garments, then let us make your ultimate dream outfit, tailored to perfection for your body type as it is now.

Our services

From concept, to finished design, we do it all.  Not only that, we also find and recommend products and services from third party vendors (you’ll find all of the partner content in our shop)


We sketch, plan and create the concept for your outfit. We'll send you the concept and you can accept or decline it together with a quote for the work to be done

Sourcing Material

Some designs require some exotic fabrics not always found in regular fabric retail outlets, so we go looking for the exact fabric, or at least the next closest to the original

Cutting and seaming

This is the fun bit, we get to cut the material according to the measurements you supply in the sizing chart we'll send you upon accepting a quote and giving the go ahead

Adding Details

We'll look at the intricate details of the designs you like and add the finer details to finish off the look, ie: frills, straps, beads, chains, ribbons, rope, string, netting, leather, etc

Dress A Mannequin

At this point the outfit is pretty much done. It's fitted over a mannequin so that we can ensure everything is in place and looks as expected. We then make any hats, walkingsticks, etc

Finishing Touches

Now we ensure your outfit is complete, ready to ship and has all the necessary bits. We'll send you photos of the finished product in order to get you excited for the real thing

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