The Monday Grind: IRRADIATED Will Get You Redlisted

The Monday Grind: IRRADIATED Will Get You Redlisted

It’s Monday and Mondays suck, so let’s grind it out with Irradiated’s Redlisted.

After last week’s brutalizer, let’s get back to basics. I’m a man of simlicity, which is one of the reasons I love genres like grindcore and hardcore. The genre isn’t out to redefine music, it just plays to destroy and have a great time spitting in the face o the mainstream. Not that the mainstream notices it.

Columbus, OH grinders Irradiated dropped their debut Redlisted back in March. There hasn’t been any buzz around the band and, honestly, I haven’t seen a lot of coverage. So, alright, I’ll put the word out. This is grindcore simplicity: pure, unadulterated grind on an old school level. It’s as straightforward, and throat lunging as it gets. Think

At ten-tracks and nothing clocking in at over two-minutes, Irradiated are all rage; a non-stop barrage of destruction and speed. When “Ground Zero Emissions” kicks off, it’s one, constant 33-second blast of everything you’d expect out of grindcore: a speedy slaughter that’s raw as hell. The guitar sounds like a circular saw cutting through every track. What’s more is the bass is turned way down on these guys. Or was so in the mix, I’m not sure which, but it sounds like the mids and highs were kept cranked up more than the bass. It gives it that punk vibe that’s always welcome to the genre.

Irradiated still bring a heavy game though. Despite the sound of the mix, the band still has some heavy stuff going on. “Excyst” is a heavier, slammier track that’s mosh heavy. “The Hand That Steals” is much the same with a slower, groovier lead. It breaks things up from the otherwise constant speed.

Irradiated’s Redlisted is simple. And that’s all it needs to be. The band works great within their framework, blasting out some catchy stuff. Also, it should be noted that if you purchase this album, 100% of the net proceeds with go to the World Wildlife Fund. Otherwise, enjoy the album for free.

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